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Eclipse Book Bingo

May contain: book, publication, nature, night, and outdoors

Quick facts:

Salado is in the path of totality for the Total Solar Eclipse of 2024!

We will see (approximately) 3 minutes & 46.2 seconds of totality which will start at 1:36 pm.

The next total eclipse won’t be until 2044!

To celebrate we're doing a reading challenge!

Ages 13+ only.

1 book=1 square. Current reads only, nothing from before you decided to participate.

Read the books & got bingo? Give or send the filled out card to Ms. April ( to have your name added to a prize raffle.

Bonus level:

Want to try to fill up the entire card? You will be added to the Blackout gift card raffle!

You must get bingo or Blackout by April 8, 2024; just in time for the total eclipse!

Download the bingo card: 

YA Eclipse Bingo.pdf