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Do you want to help out? Here are some resources on volunteering.

  • - The site is not solely about volunteering but does have thousands of volunteering opportunities searchable in many ways. Get email updates to your inbox.
  • Network for Good - An international site, this affords opportunities for donating and volunteering divided into handy groupings—for kids, teens, seniors, and groups—with testimonials from volunteers of all ages.
  • Public Service and Volunteerism  - This U.S. government site covers donating money, volunteering for government jobs, public service–related organizations, and more on volunteering.
  • Serve - On April 21, 2009, the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act was signed by President Obama, creating a central portal for people who want to volunteer in their local communities. Search by zip code and keywords.
  • Volunteer Abroad - Well organized, this site allows searching by country in which one might wish to volunteer and describes available projects there. It contains volunteer work opportunities for all age groups.
  • Volunteer for Organizing for America - President Obama sponsors this site for volunteers to match with volunteering opportunities.
  • Volunteer.Gov - Many U.S. governmental agencies post volunteer opportunities here. Searchable by location, federal or state agency, and subject keyword, this includes a listing of volunteer listings posted in the last 30 days; 500 hours of service on participating federal land earns one a free “America the Beautiful” pass.
  • Volunteer Match - Searchable by location (even zip code) and keywords, this site has matched thousands of volunteers to projects, including virtual ones.