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April 2009

Grandest Mother of All by Sydney Walter (7th grade)

Of all the mothers, nurturing and proud
Through all their beauty, one speaks aloud.
Her hair a majestic blue, her eyes a sparkling green
The envy of eternity, like no other seen.
She radiates with life, caring for each human heart.
Unknowingly we cling to her side, never coming apart.
She rings through the air, Mother Earth is her name.
Like a jewel on the necklace of the Milky Way, she accounts for all fame.Mother Earth
Through time she has stood, stable under our feet,
But now our technology is making her and her end meet.
She groans for our eyes to see,
Cries for our care, for us to become what we need to be.
Mother Earth's infinite love,
Is being trampled by our neglect, our push, and our shove.
She lays limp, intoxicated,
If only healthy ways had been demonstrated.
We toss out our unwanted things,
But who is taking our sting? Our mother no longer with birds to sing.
She buckles with our grief, holding the weight of the world.
But soon she will break, burst, and we will drop as a banner being unfurled.
Our goddess of protection is in a reckless state, our sins cutting deep into her skin
She whispers to society we can't let our mistakes win!
Oh! But don't you see!
Without our help Mother Earth can no longer care for you and me!

Soon to be Leaving by Tatianna Para (9th grade)

When I was born

 Everyone called me Lucky One
Why? I would ask

For two reasons

 I survived birthing
And I am not deformed

This opened my eyes

I saw only few of my kind

 Almost always

with something wrong

 Too many legs

No eyes

 But I,

I am Lucky One

 I have two eyes

And four legs

 I am a frog

Something is terribly wrong

 With my kind

Parasites called trematodes

 They invade us, infecting us

Can you help us?

 We can not catch food to eat

We can not escape predator

 We're disappearing

Frog Disappearing