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Salado Public Library

E Audio Books Help

Audiobook Troubleshooting

Hitting some snags as you're trying to download our audiobooks? Here are some things you might consider:


Your listening device will need these software packages:

Overdrive Media Console

This is one of our main content providers.  The application is free and the download and installation should go very smoothly.  If you're an Apple user, it is available as a free app from the App store.

Windows Media Player version 9 (or newer) on your PC

This is the major playing software for audiobooks on computers, it is a Microsoft Windows format.  If you're an Apple user, audiobooks in wma format can be transferred and reformatted through iTunes.

Mobile Devices

Even the newest Salado Library Electronic Library titles should work with these versions of mobile devices:

  • Android v1.5 (or newer)
  • BlackBerry v4.5 (or newer)
  • iPhone OS v.4.0 (or newer)
  • Mac OS v.10.4.9 (or newer)
  • Windows Mobile 5 and 6


Select your choice from our catalog and click on Download now.  We're getting content from the Central Texas Digital Consortium.  It's a great way to economically provide a wide range of e- and audiobooks to you!  Don't be surprised if you land on that page, you're still logged in through the Salado Library and are fully authorized to check out items.

Go ahead and Add to Cart while you're browsing for books.  This reserves your selections for 30 minutes.  If you haven't checked out by then, the chosen titles are automatically returned to the catalog.

Proceed to Checkout when you're finished browsing

When you're ready to Checkout, click Confirm Checkout, then Download.  Once its finished loading, open and enjoy your audiobook on your computer or transfer it to your listening device.

Transferring to Listening Device

Using your USB cable, plug your mobile into your computer.

From OverDrive Media Console, click the Transfer button.

When the window appears asking you to plug in your mobile, click Next.

The files will sync to your mobile.  Long audiobooks are often downloaded in parts.  You'll usually be given a choice of which parts to download.  Since the files are quite large, it may take a few minutes for each part to finish downloading.

Apple and the iPhone and iPod

We anticipate that the Salado Electronic Library will be compatible with Apple and its iProducts in early January. However, the download instructions will be a bit different for Apple devices.  Here is the sequence:

  • Download the free Overdrive Media Console from the App store
  • Select Get Books, usually in the upper left hand corner
  • Click on Add a Website
  • Enter Salado Public Library or 76571 (our zip code) to find the Library
  • Select title and Add to Cart.  Just like a book, you can place a reserve on the book if it isn't available to checkout
  • Proceed to Checkout or browse
  • Confirm Checkout
  • Choose between download choices: Download all files, Choose files to download, Don't download now
  • Click Download and enjoy!

Returning Audiobooks

Audiobooks automatically fade away, returning them to the Library, after 2 weeks.  Although you can delete the files from your computer early, they cannot be returned to the Library in less than 2 weeks.

Still stuck?

Come in, email us at or call our Librarians!  The Salado Library phone number is 947-9191.  We're here to help you every day but Sunday!